Create wealth by being healthy,No substitute for Health-Vikash Deorah

Many a times we see a person who is healthy.

But eventually they just pass Away.

Recently my two young friends passed away who were claiming to be healthy, but we have accept the destiny.

Life is not in our hands, it does not mean we should spoil it.

But rather maintain it .

God has given us most complex body mechanism which the medical world could not understand fully, Research process will be on .

The good news is we have pathological process which indicates our ailments in the body .

Some Steps I would suggest🎊

  1. Do periodic check up.Even if you are ok ,get medical check up at least once a year .
  2. The major part which upsets system’s are blood formulation like hemoglobin , Cholesterol , WBC .If these are not right it leads to many ailments.
  3. Rest is the most important to maintain body ,have adequate sleep .
  4. Exercise in any form is important be it yoga,gym ,walking ,jogging. Do Not overdo or excess of the exercises . There is nothing like get healthy quick. Set your mind and exercise regularly.If you gym ,ensure that u do under expert supervision with proper medical parameters of your body.
  5. When you are stressed and tensed , Take time to just excuse yourself from cell phone and be calm ,either meditate ,if can’t just sit ,count your inhale n exhale situation.
  6. Ensure u have healthy food and avoid outside food . Sometimes we stick to healthy food and have only salads in parties not knowing that they had been cut hours back and the biggest source of harmful bacteria.
  7. Work is important , but is your body capable to handle such stress . If yes ,go ahead . If you feel worn out or tired ,take a few minutes power nap .Just recharge your body .
  8. The latest killer in today’s world is the free data and social media. We are so addicted to it that we cut out sleep and glued to the mobile . Cut that habit .Use your mobile phone .Don’t let the mobile phone use you .
  9. We get signals of ailments before hand but we neglect . Sometimes we get frequent urination ,it may be kidney ailment. We feel weak and our small wounds do not heal ,it may be diabetes .
  10. God has given us a doctor in our body ,that is immune system.If we are strong our immune system is strong . Please keep yourself healthy .
  11. Don’t starve or over eat .
  12. Nothing is more important than yourself, keep your weight in control. Avoid Alcohol , tobacco , white sugar , excess salt , oily and fried junk food ,red meat .
  13. I am not a medical qualified and not very fluent with medical terminology.If any errors , apology for that .

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Vikash Deorah