Save Our Planet Earth.Are you concerned ?

This Video is this mans fantastic concern for our environment.

What are we doing

The trees are being destroyed en mass to accommodate people.The way temperature is rising each year after some decades our planet may be destroyed and uninhabitable.The ocean levels are rising and Ground water getting extinct.
We citizens react so much when there is a media news. Retweet it ,we repost, we make the information viral so that everyone is aware . But not bothered for these subject because it doesn’t concern u today.This poor man’s effort to use the used coconut shell to use it as a plant.
This rainy season keep bullet mud seed in your vehicle for plants like gulmohar, throw that seeds in barren land.
We care so much for ourselves, isn’t it our duty towards our planet earth ..
Plant trees .Be a Green Warrior ..
Government is supporting for Afforestation.
Replace your gifts to loved once with plants.
All social organization should be Green Warriors and identity land to plant trees .
Just don’t blame the government.Ask yourself if you have done your bit .#PleaseShare#BeAGreenWarrior #PlantTrees #ProtectEnvoirment #Afforestation

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