BNI GOA MISSION 1010 by 2020

MISSION 1010 by 2020

Some suggestions for BNI Goa Region
MISSION 1010 by 2020

☐There should be a dedicated Support Ambassador appointed for each Chapter for Sole Aim to work on Mission 1010 by 2020

☐There should be a team of 5 members each {2 Strong Members and 3 average members, }with a Team leader , within the power team. They should make a list of 40 invitation for for the meeting the mission should be each member invite 1 visitor in the meeting .

☐The missions support ambassador should help the LT and chapter growth coordinator to make a comprehensive list of 50 to 100 open categories .This comprehensive list of open categories should be available and make a big board a standee and display in the meeting and distribute this list among the members.

☐Retention is another big challenge which has to be addressed during the first first 3 months of the joining new member the RR forms should be filled up as per the BNI guidelines.

☐Close watch on the renewals should be kept by the renewal coordinator before 4 to 5 months and ensure to clear the challenges of the members.

☐The power teams should be given task to co-ordinate with the inviting teams so that each member gets 1 visitor in the meeting.

☐ Inviting the visitors should be power of one of the chapter and Mission 1010 by 2020 should be taken on a very high priority by the chapters the education slot at least once a month on that theme.

Mission 1010 by 2020 should be promoted on war footing in the chapter and it should becomes the individual mission of each members to grow that chapter at the region as a whole.

☐ When a visitor comes to a chapter the LVH team ensure that if the visitor is not joining, he gives the names of two people would be interested in growing their business so that we can invite them as a visitor in the next meeting.

Vikash Deorah

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