Open Letter to CM Goa ,How to tackle the Chaos by lock down

Respected Dr Pramod Sawant Sir,
We understand your effort to tackle the spread of Covid19 virus in Goa.
The Government decision to Lock Down is Correct,I support it .
I think the people of Goa will agree and support it .At the same time the citizens of Goa should be entitled to basic amenities and food and Milk and Medicine and Medical Help.There are stray instances where people are getting supplies of Essential commodities but most of the people are not getting adequate supply I have some suggestions to be given to your learned office.1. All the trade Association Chamber of Commerce confederation of Indian industry and also small and major trade Association should be taken into confidence and it task force be created.2.The supply chain of major food items , Medicine and essential commodities should be identified and all all bottlenecks be removed in food delivery to all citizens all the states.3. In this time it is very difficult to handle too many  distress calls on the help line given by the  different organisations or different home delivery agency.4. There should be a WhatsApp number given to all the citizen in which They can  register  their grievances along with the location.
The WhatsApp complaint and the grievance can be handled rather than attending phone calls.5. To reach out to each citizens of the state a  task force can be created of ward  members of Village Panchayat, councillors and they can connect to specific WhatsApp group where in redressal can be addressed of the people .
I have seen Porvorim constituency Mr Rohan has given the phone number of volunteer  of each word so that the citizens can reach them and Express their grievance.6. Goa is a small state with very low population it is easier to tackle intensity the model adopted by Delhi or  Mumbai where in there is no chaos for essential commodities.7. The Prime Minister of India has assured us not to stock the essential food commodities .Now we do not have essential grains.8. Instead of getting nervous at this stage appeal to you to stay calm and take the right decision in maintaining the supply chain and distribution of food and essential commodities and medical suppliesI appreciate your effort that you are working so hard but things are not working out the ways it should be
Together we all can come out of this situation .
I feel that you should take help of NDRF and home ministry and civil supply Ministries in Government of India to streamline the food distribution so that people are calm.9. Social distancing if the only way to tackle the spread of Corona virus.
if people are nervous and flock to to the shops the whole purpose of the lockdown would be defeated and we all will be affected.10. Appeal to you to address people at least once a day and apprise them of the situation and appeal  to them to stay calm.I hope you will be reading thisThank youVikash Deorah