BNI Feature presentation is the opportunity a member gets once or Twice a year to showcase your business to your Team .

make a effective Feature Presentation ,At the end of presentation you should get referrals.

Some Suggestions.
1.Keep your points Short , Descriptive and Total..

  1. Practice before you actually present .
  2. Give your introduction script to your introducer so that undiluted information about you is passed on .
  3. Tell briefly about your success stories .

5.You are selling through the Room , not to the Room.Your chapter members are your Sales Team ,not your Customers .

6.Brief your fellow members what to look for when identifying a potential client for you .

7.Explain briefly about the LCD (Little chunks of Details of your Product or Service .

8.Keep your Presentation Simple…Do not use Jargans , Abbreviations or technical words ..

  1. Mention your Specific Asks in the Presentation.

10.Do thank your fellow Referral Partner who has referred you to their contact sphere.

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