Developed Plots in Gated Complex in Kadamba Plateau, Goa

With Covid-19 Pandemic going around with fear and uncertainty round the globe, A Thought comes to us ,Why not, we go to a place where, on waking up -we hear the chipping of birds, inhale fresh oxygen and at same time enjoy all modern amenities to take care of our lifestyle. We welcome you to Goa at kadamba plateau

Godrich Corporation, the top Realtor of Goa, offers you a plot at Prescon’s   Amanha  which is situated close to the city, yet away from city traffic and crowd. A perfect balance for Serene living and world class Modern  amenities. It is spread in several acres of lush green living space at kadamba (old Goa / new panjim). It is just 12 kms from Panjim bus Stand, 25 kms from airport, 2 kms from Healthway hospital.

Prescon  Amanha is nested in this beautiful Hills you will feel that you are living in a Paradise surrounded by beautiful Scene  and providing you best of Amenities – the central  Island, multipurpose indoor games hall ,children play area ,open amphitheatre, activity lawn ,gazebo, camping and Barbeque area ,banquet lawn, swimming pool ,health club ,gym ,tennis court, open bowling alley, seating Plaza, outdoor gym ,football turf, outdoor chess board, cricket net, meditation area with acupressure pathway, serene water body with deck

Prescon  Amanha boasts the modern amenities keeping in mind beautiful Goan charm and proximity  to the city and basic amenities like school, hospital, shopping area and religious places.

 You can buy plots of around 300sqm each in a gated community in the lap of nature where you can have a happy, healthy and pollution free lifestyle; at the same time sit in your balcony have a cup of coffee and using high speed internet for your work needs and enjoy the nature.

 Prescon  Amanha Initially the project is developed in two phases and all approvals and RERA registration  of the project are in place.

Godrich Corporation invites you to own a plot to make your dream home in Goa. You can take a loan against this plot without any hassles as project is approved by financial institutions.

Come settle in Goa, Work from Home, Buy this beautiful piece of land and make it your dream abode and feel that you are living in a paradise. You can contact us for pricing and more details.

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Aerial View
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I am a real Estate Agent

By NAR President Sumant Reddy

People call me Real Estate.

I have inspired the world to aspire.
I have evolved to resolve your needs.
I have defined to redefine your lifestyles.

The Place you live.
The Home you love.
The office you work.
The mall you shop.
The bank you transact.
The exchange you trade.
Everything around you is created by me.

People come people go.
Leaders come leaders go.
Markets come markets go.
Like it or leave it.
You can’t ignore me.

I’m your need.
I’m your deed.
I’m your pride.

I’m your Past.
I’m your present.
I’m your future.
I’m your lifeline.

I’m not just another Investment.
Im the Investment.
I’m the real asset.
I’m here to stay.
Forever Real Estate.

-Sumanth Reddy

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Exclusive Boutique Hotel for Sale in Calangute, North Goa

“10 Calangute” Ten Room family boutique hotel
Owning a property in Goa is a dream of many but is fulfilled by few. What if a masterpiece resort is offered to you to buying the busiest location of Goa tourism hub.
Located at heart of Calangute this beautiful boutique hotel 10 Calangute could be yours and you can serve many travelers a wonderful Goan experience.
This property is opposite to kamat holiday homes on Calangute main road on the 1st floor of Nichcaldas Arcade. This property has 8 uniquely designed rooms and 2 exquisite suites with independent terraces.
The property is on 4 levels.
On the ground floor is the small reception area of 65sqm, to manage and control there is a office space, changing room and storage area around 100 sqm.
On first level there are 6 rooms and a large lobby which has restaurant, pantry, a library, Bar, Kitchen, Reading Area and Entertainment area. The Total space on 1st level is 500 sqmts space. Plus there is a pleasing Swimming Pool and Sit out on the terrace of 1st level around 160 sqm.
On the second level, there are 2 rooms and 2 suites 80 sqm each with terrace. The floor area totally is 200sqm and terrace of 160 sqm.
The best quality interiors material has been used. There is a hydraulic lift provided for 5 pax, a Blue star AC 45 tonne. The furniture’s are wooden and plastic rattan. Each rooms are uniquely designed and very tastefully decorated keeping in mind the village theme of Goa and the names of each room are on different villages of Goa.
This is a 3 star category property and once you enter the property it feels like a 5 star. We are enclosing here the links of the pictures in Google photos.
We welcome you to Goa, meet us and let us see how we can make your dream a reality because we at Godrich Corporation help you to find your dream property.
If you plan to have this dream property do get it touch with us on email: – or call us on 9326128767 or visit us on

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Swimming Pool



If you Plan to settle in Goa…We have a abode for you.

Here You can hear the chipping of the bird, the flowing of water droplets even during the daytime.
The village Moira is ancient village at the same time it bust with all modern amenities and it is a board of of many high end professional and people who are Settling in from a very-very polluted and congested cities in  India.
This peaceful village there is a very  beautiful complex with 6 Villa “The Santury”
Each Villa has got independent entity and is surrounded by lush green garden and nearby the lot of Forest and calmness

This 3 bedroom exclusive Villa has got all modern amenities like air conditioning, power backup, fully furnished kitchen, water purifier ,hobb, chimney, that is a beautiful swimming pool in the vicinity of the complex this complex you have a wonderful neighbourhood of businessman and professionals from other cities it is Goa in terms of people living this complex is very close to market city just around 10 minutes drive and you see the place come to Goa if you are interested in moving from any other City to Goa this is a right Complex for you to stay just pick up your phone give me a call and I shall be very happy to show you this exclusive Villa which can be yours on rent.

We at Godrich Corporation help you to buy sell and rent the property of your dream

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How to effectively use your Time during current Lock Down Phase :For Business owners and Professionals

We are going through a tough Situation at the moment .

This is challenging Times for a lot of us.Most of us are unsure and confused how they would use the time during lockout period.

The situation for different people are different.

This blog is for the business entrepreneurs , business owners, Executives.

Some Section may not be applicable for the Home Makers, Retired, students, technical personnel etc.

What we normally feel is that there is nothing to do now .We subscribe to Netflix,Hotstar and watch favorite movie, have more food , sleep late , wake up late . We feel this is the time to rest.Some get worried and just feel depressed. Some just lie on bed or couch and enjoy TV . Most are busy checking whatsapp,Then forward it to all groups, Paste on Facebook wall .Use FB messenger,Watch Facebook videos,You Tube,browse Shopping Site and fill your Cart. A recent report says people now a days 8 hours a day on Social Media.

I read somewhere Internet saying “I am free” The wiseMan Replying “I am not free” .

What can we do then ?

What is written,it gets done. Schedule your day ,the previous day.Think all what you can do the next day. Set Alarm to wake up.Just think that there is no lock down and it’s business as usual.If you Believe it, you can achieve

Lot can be done by staying at home.Stay home ,Stay Safe follow the instructions of the Authorities.You can help spouse or parents in cleaning house ,set your wardrobe in order , take out the old papers a friend of mine found a old document at his house, which he was searching from last 10 years. If you can repair minor things do it . Clean your drawers may be u find something. Try your hand in cooking, washing utensils, mopping.Schedule all these . Schedule yourself for watching movie, Listening to music. If you have children spend quality time with them .Take out their books and clear their doubts .Ask them if they have something to tell .Play with them.Cook for them.Strengthen Bonding with spouse and kids .If parents with you spend time with them .Recall old Memories.If your parents or Kids in other city ,call them ,have long conversations with them.My Friend was telling me ,her parents and sibling in other city ,All of them joined on zoom conference and Played Antakshari. Call your parents or family on Video call ,The smile and happiness exchanged is priceless.Time is same for everyone, use it wisely or waste it ,All in your hands 👀

Staying Home We can make New Connects ,Meet new people online.Zoom is application available online video conferencing. Zoom is free Application available for download on Android,IOS, Laptop. Just download, create account and schedule a meeting with anybody in the world. Once you schedule a meeting you can send the link to other Person,who also has to download zoom and can join you in meeting as scheduled. If you are in any network organization or Trade bodies you can find new people to connect with you. At the moment your business may not be operational due to lock down.But if u find new clients or associates now ,once the lockdown ends and business back to normal ,you will have new clients or associates ready for business with you .Grab this adverse moment’s as opportunity to grow business or profesion.

Stay Healthy,Stay Fit :Some of us are gymmers,The Gyms are shut down for time being . We can exercise at home.We can’t go to street or park to walk ,we can do it around us .Health is new wealth you can refer to my earlier blog.If we are not doing any exercise or care its the right time to start because now no travel ,no office no social,no eat out . Think how we can eat healthy.Stay Fit.We can do Exercise, jogging ,walking , Pranayam,Yoga ,Zumba. Whatever you feel good.Do If we start now ,we can cultivate it as habit.During lock down Everyday is not a Sunday.Sunday is only on Sunday 😜.Make best use of this time to take care of your health if you not done so far . U had written blog earlier on this you can check out

“Never Stop Eating” to remain in shape. Just the right amount, the right quantity and the right time will serve you the most.Drink plenty of water .

Stay Healthy, Stay alive,

Reconnect with Friends/Old Clients/Associates : Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Maan ki Baat mentioned that Alumni of a college met over zoom meeting and reconnected after long years.May be your College friend is working for a company in X country ,that connect you are looking. We have clients with whom we did business once and he is not in touch with you.Call,Text or schedule a zoom meeting with them . Sometime we get connected to a person with whom we could not do business. connect with them.These ways are productive way to build relationship. Remember relationship and Comfort level is the only way how we can create trust.Most business comes to people with whom the clients have trust.Let them know that you care without telling a word. Do not call a person however close you are, without their permission (on Text).This way you create your Goodwill and Trust.Most Business happens by the trust other person have in you .When you talk to the old client don’t mention the challenges you face at present because they know it .Just ask about well being other issue but avoid asking business

LEARN NEW SKILLS: I saw a facebook post of CEO of International Company, cooking in kitchen.It is his passion.I like gardening, could not do because had other priorities. I like writing blog ,I have scheduled 4 hours for it today.I saw someone made a great pencil sketch of his spouse.Some people like to read books but could not .A friend was telling me she wanted to read a particular series of Books but unable to.Now since she was determined to read but due to lock down could not order.She downloaded the Ebook and is reading it.Attend Online Webnairs,Try to find avenues for Work from home.Make videos of some unique skill set .

Each person is unique and has different talent but we were in rush.Nature has put a reset button.We are all locked at home.But if we use this phase sensibly we have great take aways #BondWithFamily #NewClients #NewBondwithOldClients #MeetOldFriend #RejuvinatedBody #NewSkill

This phase of Lock Down will be over soon.This Adverse Situation is actually a blessing in Disguise .Take it positively.Do not get disheartened .Take maximum benifits out of this time.Return to your business with greater Enthusiasm,Bag full of reconnected clients .And a New You

Thank you for Reading if you like it please comment and share link to others

Vikash Deorah

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