Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Salute to our Great Leaders who showed us Path of Selfless Service to our Nation.A happy Birthday to father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi and The leader of Masses Lal bahadur Shastri ji  .
We bow to you from a thankful Nation India.
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BNI Feature presentation is the opportunity a member gets once or Twice a year to showcase your business to your Team .

make a effective Feature Presentation ,At the end of presentation you should get referrals.

Some Suggestions.
1.Keep your points Short , Descriptive and Total..

  1. Practice before you actually present .
  2. Give your introduction script to your introducer so that undiluted information about you is passed on .
  3. Tell briefly about your success stories .

5.You are selling through the Room , not to the Room.Your chapter members are your Sales Team ,not your Customers .

6.Brief your fellow members what to look for when identifying a potential client for you .

7.Explain briefly about the LCD (Little chunks of Details of your Product or Service .

8.Keep your Presentation Simple…Do not use Jargans , Abbreviations or technical words ..

  1. Mention your Specific Asks in the Presentation.

10.Do thank your fellow Referral Partner who has referred you to their contact sphere.