How to build and grow your business exponentially turning “Adversity into Opportunity” ? By Vikash Deorah

I am back with another series of this motivating Blog .

Today india is ​​in challenging time. These day when we at home due to movement restriction due to unprecedented situation around us .

We are engrossed, concerned and stressed knowing about the current situation.

The inputs by news channels, social media, friends makes us more concerned and we get worried , disturbed and some of us get disturbed .

The time is tough and each one of us are facing challenges at this time

Business owners, Professionals  and the decision makers can in-fact  grow their business in this challenging time .

Use this adversity to create opportunity. Prepare yourself for better tomorrow.

Last year during India’s national Lockdown I had jotted a blog how to optimum use of our time to grow business.

Yesterday a friend from a network organization pointed out that lot of pandemic news is being circulated in our whatsapp group, that brings depression hearing same thing again and again .

I decided to write this blog 


1. Call up your old Clients

Reconnecting with our old clients could be best source of new business or may be a referral if you are lucky.

Do not hesitate to call up a old client even if you have not conversed in last 6 month or year or few years.

That client knows you and tried you .For new client the trust takes time to build .It’s easier with old clients who already trusts you.

Dig out the numbers of your earlier clientes.

Check your phone book, CRM, the records ,our email conversation.

Preferably send a text before calling give your Short introduction if they permit you, 

Pick up a phone and Call them and say hi.

 Always remember not to call any one at odd hours .I would suggest call in the morning between 10.30 to 1 pm or between 5 pm to 7.30 pm  check their local timing if you calling to another country .

Briefly introduce yourself and as a telephonic conversation etiquette ask them if it’s right to talk .

Just a hi/hello goes Long way in jogging memory.

Keep the conversation Strictly social and friendly and polite .When you are in conversation smile .The positive vibes is actually radiated to the person u called and he\she can actually feel it .

Sometimes there may be challenges of phone signals .Be sure you are in conversation rich network . 

Go Grab your phone …πŸ“ž

2. Listen to your clients concern 

To Listen is different from hear. 

Hearing is passive. It’ is  what people do when a you  starts talking. The message that actually registers in brain is very low as we hear to reply 

Listening is an active activity. we  pay genuine attention to what another person has to communicate .The message is thoroughly understood and  registered in our brain

our client  might have some concerns for our product or services. Listen to the concern calmly without interrupting. Persuasive conversation occurs when you are genuinely interested in solving their concerns or issues.

Most of the time, that client themselves suggests the solution and just need your affirmation.

The next step is to suggest/solve that concern.

A quote by Steve Jobs founder of Apple Corporation

Your customers don’t care about you. They don’t care about your product or service. They care about themselves, their dreams, their goals. Now, they will care much more if you help them reach their goals, and to do that, you must understand their goals, as well as their needs and deepest desires.”

3.Stick to facts and interact Nicely.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” A fantastic quote by John Maxwell

Once the clients concerns are addressed. Start a casual conversation .Tell a positive story about your organization  Ask about their well being .

Everybody loves to speak ,Allow your client to speak more, your just trigger a positive conversation starter of the subject your client is also interested in .

Avoid the topics like current pandemic situation, political scenario or about personality related.

Be relaxed, positive and maintain a good posture and be polite and friendly. Avoid any slang or any negative words.

Remember that the goal is to regain the Trust by creating healthy relationship with that client.

4 . Make a sales pitch 

Talk to them about your product or services 

You know about your Business or profession the best .

Remind your client about your product or services; tell them about your new additions .Talk about any innovations created by your organization 

Tell them about offers for them.

 Nothing beats a good positive story about your organization.

Even if your business is in challenging times keep your spirits high.

Smartly incorporate a FAQ which you sure the client may ask you by creating story .Like if you are a financial planner , you can say a client wanted to know if monthly systemic investment he does , can it be withdrawn in emergencies ,you replied yes or no etc… Allow the client to ask questions without asking.. Keep your sales presentation brief, crisp and covering all the little details of your business keeping in mind the client is benefited not hard sell

5. Close the sale or end the conversation by getting referrals

Your ultimate Goal should be  either

1.Close sale .

2.Get a referral

3. Appointment for next meeting .

4. The impact on clients mind so that you can be recalled and referred to as and when your product or services need arises.

5.Ask your client to post your positive review in your Google profile .

When the client trusts you they referr you and the trust comes through relationship you maintain with that person.

Please avoid lies, cheating, false promises and commitments .

Very politely say No if it’s not possible.

End the call 

This way you have a brand new old client back in your active client’s list

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Be healthy .. Health is the new wealth

Health is new wealth

To earn health you have to work hard for sure , in case of wealth it can come by other means like luck, , cheating ,gift , family fortune etc .

But health has to be earned .
If you are healthy you can earn wealth .
My experience says earning health is a discipline in life one has to self impose .

Few Tips

🚩We always promise ourselves that once a particular goal is achieved we will focus on health

Sometimes it takes decades and we are not in position to reverse to a healthy body .

Advice is start NOW..
Issues may come and go but the time lost can not come back .

🚩 Have a routine life.

What we normally do is waste our time on TV, net , WhatsApp forwarding , gossip.
Due to that we sleep late and wake up late and we have no time for ourselves.

Promise your self that you will sleep early and wake up early, to come in proper routine it will take 15 days ,but that one has to start day 1.
How can u sleep early.. cut the time wasting habit.

🚩 Eat on time ,have small meals, don’t be hungry or starve.

Avoid outside food,
Avoid fried food
Avoid food which are packed.
Avoid meat
Avoid Alcohol
Avoid Areated Beverage
Avoid spicy food

Have food which is fresh

Simple living is Healthy living . Have most ordinary food. Keep pulses etc in your diet .

Avoid the hi funda advertised food.quinnova sold at rs 3000 a kilo will not shed yr fat but rs 30 kilo jowari will.

All the MNC has set formula to tempt us all to HV their products

🚩Don’t drink water in between meals , Have water after an hour of food.if possible have hot water

🚩 Have meal at least 2 hours before you sleep

🚩 There is no short cut to be healthy.
You have to be in a routine.
Make your daily routine
Write down in a chart each minute details.

I give you a chart of daily routine, see if it’s workable

4.40 AM wake up
5.30 finish all your needs , shower etc
5.30 to 6.30 exercise n pranayam
Have something light like almonds, some juice
6.30 to 7.45 gym or walk or jog
Have some tea n fruites
7.45 to 8.30 newspaper/ social media
8.30 to 9.30 breakfast
9.45 off to work

11 am anything light like buttermilk,

1.30 good heavy lunch

4 tea with some biscuits

6 light snacks

8 dinner

8.30 walk

9 to 10 family time, social midea

10 sleep

🚩 Have regular health check up

🚩 Monitor your weight

🚩 If you get any prolonged uneasiness consult a physician

Be healthy ..

Health is the new wealth


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