Positive approach , how to achieve your goals everyday

We have so much activities in life
So much to achieve.
What we normally do not focus is our goals or target.

We think of so many things that bother us .
We just do not think of our goals but the challenges we will face in deciding/reaching our goals .

so, our main focus is to become the challenges we will face in reaching our goal.
We forget to think of our goals.

The best option is do not think of hardship or challange that may hinder u in reaching your goal .

Just focus on goal.

Write your goal on a hard bound diary.

Date it

Focus on the path to reach your goals split the path to minutest details.

Be lazy ,try to find a short cut ,easy way.

If our target is clear the ways and paths is created . Of course there will be challenges.
Dont let the challenges be obstacles. Find out means to cross the obstacles n reach next level towards your goal .

Your victory is sure if you just focus on positive aspects. Take help of winners and positive minded people .

Wish u all the best

Vikash Deorah thought

Someone told

I m poor
I can’t do much, I m not smart
I will do Best I can
I m not sure if I can succeed

He replied few things
Those has become a benchmark in the guys life.

🎿 Dream big, nothing is impossible.

🎿He said you can do anything

🎿 Just decide where u want to go, write it,Find out how, when, you reach there,

🎿 Be ready to fail each time , the more u Fail and get up more the chance of success

🎿 Keep your plan , your goal a priority.

🎿 Be honest, sincere , consistent , persistent in your goal, go step by step

🎿 Keep studying, be a good student.. Never think you Know all

🎿 Keep mind calm , anger is root cause of failure

Speak less, hear more
Don’t reply to every thing

🎿 Exercise and be fit

🎿 Changes take place every moment. Go as per change.

Success is definite if these are followed