Vikash Deorah thought

Someone told

I m poor
I can’t do much, I m not smart
I will do Best I can
I m not sure if I can succeed

He replied few things
Those has become a benchmark in the guys life.

🎿 Dream big, nothing is impossible.

🎿He said you can do anything

🎿 Just decide where u want to go, write it,Find out how, when, you reach there,

🎿 Be ready to fail each time , the more u Fail and get up more the chance of success

🎿 Keep your plan , your goal a priority.

🎿 Be honest, sincere , consistent , persistent in your goal, go step by step

🎿 Keep studying, be a good student.. Never think you Know all

🎿 Keep mind calm , anger is root cause of failure

Speak less, hear more
Don’t reply to every thing

🎿 Exercise and be fit

🎿 Changes take place every moment. Go as per change.

Success is definite if these are followed

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